Romney Gaffe Rorschach Test

by Ryan on September 18, 2012

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Yesterday, a liberal blog revealed part of a video from a last May where Mitt Romney said this:

So, in full damage-control mode Romney gave a 10pm news conference last night to deal with this issue:

I don’t think this gaffe will shake things up too much — gaffes haven’t changed much anyway in this cycle.  The left is giddy because they see Romney as Mr. Burns-meets-Thurston Howell III and think this reinforces that, while the right agrees with the statement’s sentiment that there are too many takers and not enough makers in our system.

Response to Romney’s statement is like experiencing a national Rorschach test — you see what you want to see in the inkblot.  People not voting for Romney are still not voting for him and vice versa.  Those in the middle or undecided already know Romney has wealthy sensibilities and this renewed attention to economics could aid Romney if it’s played right.  Plus, given all the focus on foreign policy lately, this opens an opportunity for Romney to lay out his plan now that more people may be paying attention.

Nonetheless, it’s critically important at his juncture for the Romney campaign to handle this right, control the debate, and lay out Obama’s massive failures.  Staying on defense is not a winning strategy.

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