Romney’s Taxes Released

by Ryan on September 21, 2012

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Given the media-driven tumultuous ten days for Mitt Romney, the GOP Presidential candidate decided to take one issue away from the libs this cycle by releasing his 2011 tax returns and getting PWC to vouch that Romney’s been a loyal taxpayer for the entire period in question.  Not only have the Romney’s paid more than their “fair share” of income tax, but the couple gave around $4 million to charity in 2011, or roughly 30% of their income.

Check out the links for the full numbers and a few comparisons to Obama.  However, different people have different needs, issues, circumstances, etc., so I’m not going to be too judgmental of the Obama’s on this — at least they did give to charity.  But one thing I will do is judge those who caricature Romney as a stingy mean-ol’ Mr. Burns.  It isn’t true and we have the proof.

I was initially opposed to Romney releasing these returns because it seemed like the Dems wanted a fishing expedition, as well as to put Romney on defense.  By cleverly releasing this tax return and the notarized PWC report now, there is one less issue to take the focus away from Obama’s utter failures as a president.

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