CBS Edits Interview in Obama’s Favor

by Ryan on September 24, 2012

in Election 2012,Media,Media Bias,Politics

There will never be a newsflash that the press has treated Obama with kid gloves, but sometimes I get perplexed.  It’s one thing to cover for the guy now and then;  it’s another to let that get in the way of one’s integrity and business sense.

Here’s what I mean:  CBS edited out a portion of a 60 Minutes interview last night where Obama matter of factly admits that his campaign is involved with misleading advertizing.  To me, that sounds like the one thing you don’t edit since it might make collateral news, inviting new viewers who are interested in the development.  Advertisers are drawn to that kind of stuff.

It’s not a huge incident, nor even the most newsworthy part of the interview, but it nonetheless speaks to a media bias that seems inexplicably self-defeating.  Do they realize that reelected or not, one day Obama won’t be President and they are going to have to deal with their ruined credibility?  I’m pretty sure they don’t care either way.

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