Kids Mock Michelle Obama Food Bill. No Word from Attackwatch.

by Mike on September 24, 2012

in Education,Politics,Stupid government

I’ve been a bad blogger, a really bad blogger.  I promise to do better.  Thankfully, I saw something on Drudge that infuriated me enough to bring me back to my senses.

It’s one thing when First Lady Michelle Obamasaurus wagged her enormous finger in everyone’s faces and lectured us on how eating healthy food is better than eating junk.  It is quite another that Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress took the witch too seriously and passed legislation that allowed the USDA to prevent schools from giving growing kids enough to eat.

Well, one thing Ronald Reagan reminded us of is that we are a country with a government, not the other way around.  Just because our overlords in the White House tell us to do something doesn’t mean we’re going to sit down and keep our mouths shut.  Fortunately, these kids from Kansas are mocking the government for its stupidity.


And now that Drudge is headlining it, the nation will be following suit tomorrow.  See how easy this is, Boston?

As you often see with any story under this site’s “stupid government” category, the state’s pushback after being confronted with its stupidity can be more infuriating than the stupid decision itself.  If you go back to the story, you’ll see that bureaucrats like USDA goon Undersecretary Janey Thornton doesn’t blame themselves for kids being hungry.  Nope, it’s the kids’ fault for not eating what the state decides to give them.  Parents, we done told your kids what to eat, and if they don’t like what the government gives them, tough.  They can starve.

This must really suck for kids who go to one of those schools that banned bringing lunches in from home, huh?  Schools in cities like, oh, I don’t know, Chicago?   Wait a minute.  Can we still say Chicago?  I heard that was racist now.

Correction:  I corrected this article to reflect the fact that the kids in the video are from Kansas, not Wisconsin.

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Ryan September 25, 2012 at 6:49 pm

This is hilarious! When I saw it this morning, I lost it.
Unfortunately for Michelle, this is the kind of thing that every kid is going to watch — it’s funny, knocks social engineering, and every kid can relate to it. What teenager doesn’t want a cookie at lunch?


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