New Austerity Riots Ravage Greece and Spain

by Ryan on September 26, 2012

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The latest round of austerity measures in Greece sparked an outburst of violence over the last 48 hours:

Similar-type measures in Spain produced a similar reaction:

Of course, international markets weren’t too pleased at these developments either. Why wouldn’t they be spooked?  There’s social unrest all over the world:  the Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Greece, Spain, etc.  Why does the world look more and more like one of those History Channel “end of days” documentaries these days?

These latest austerity riots underscore the arduous process of weaning people off the welfare state.  It is so critical that we dump Obama in November so that our impending entitlement-state austerity issues might not be so violent or as abrupt when they inevitably occur.

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