Romney Rocks the First Debate

by Ryan on October 4, 2012

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I hope you had a chance to watch last night’s Presidential Debate because personally I thought it was awesome!  The candidates both came prepared, both are good on the stump, and both outlined a stark contrast about how they would deal with the issues facing America today.  Plus, the debate’s format both encouraged a conversation about the issues rather than featuring one-minute snippets of a memorized talking point, as well as diminishing the role of the moderator in impacting the debate.  That was refreshing.

It was clear to those who watched the debate that Romney won big — even those on the left had to admit it.  Here’s a sample exchange which exemplifies Romney’s aggressive posture while exposing Obama’s weak argument:

Here’s the “highlight of the debate” and reaction from a Frank Luntz focus group:

Honestly, it was kind of an ass-kicking — Romney established himself almost immediately but wasn’t necessarily running away with it.  By the last half-hour, Obama’s body language, verbal wandering, and snippy attitude made it clear that Obama himself knew he was being bested.  For a Presidential Debate, it was definitely something to see.

While this debate was just one event, I felt better about our prospects for beating Obama this morning than I’ve felt since Paul Ryan was made Romney’s running mate.

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