Obama Team — Denied by Big Bird

by Ryan on October 9, 2012

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The Obama team rolled out a new campaign ad which features (no joke) Big Bird:

Wow.  Terrible use of sarcasm, silly imagery, and most shockingly this amateur-style ad actually has the President endorsing it.  Plus, Sesame Workshop has asked for the ad to be pulled since Big Bird is non-partisan.

How weak can one possibly look — reduced to a Big Bird ad in which Big Bird doesn’t even want to be associated with you!

It’s bad.  As of today, Rasmussen has Romney up or within the margin of error in 11 swing states and, though changeable, the RCP average has Romney up a fraction as of this evening.  Sensing the momentum shift, the left is out there in typical fashion defacing Romney campaign signs in Virginia.  Typical, but telling — they’re worried.

Is this sustainable?  Not sure yet, but if some on the left are striking out with vandalism and pushing the Obama campaign to make these ridiculous ads, I have to believe the Obama Team’s internal polling is also not pretty.

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