Ryan Battles Biden Laughs on Way to VP Debate Draw

by Ryan on October 12, 2012

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Last night’s Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan turned out to be an inkblot debate — when people with a political inclination watched it, they pretty much saw what they wanted to see:  Biden was strong and aggressive… or was he inappropriately arrogant and rude?  Ryan was articulate and competent… or was he inexperienced and out of his league?  Was the inkblot a butterfly or Andre the Giant?  Here are some highlights:

Personally, I thought Biden was an ass (so did the RNC in their new ad) and I’m not alone.  To echo Peggy Noonan, being aggressive is not the same as displaying strength.  Biden apparently interrupted Ryan an estimated 82 times and muddled an issue within the first ten minutes, declaring that the intelligence community botched Benghazi by not telling Joe and Barry about the security threats (which the State Department denies), but somehow they know everything about the intricacies of Iran’s nuke program.

Attacking incessantly, Biden nonetheless didn’t rattle Ryan who seemed to view the Vice President like an old guy at the party who’s had a few too many (full disclosure, I did hear Mark Levin use a similar analogy earlier today!).

Unfortunately, I thought Paul Ryan left a lot of points on the table, didn’t take charge of Martha Raddatz’s cut-offs, and seemed rather deferential to the embarrassing unfocused old guy sitting next to him who was tearing into him obnoxiously.  I did like Ryan’s closing statement — I liked that he asked for our vote.  However, I can’t declare Ryan the outright winner.  He didn’t lose by any stretch and Biden did make an ass of himself in my opinion, but Biden may have stirred up a dejected Democrat base and laid the groundwork for a potential Obama resurgence in Tuesday’s second Presidential Debate.

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