Second Presidential Debate Preview

by Ryan on October 15, 2012

in Election 2012,Media Bias,Politics

Regarding tomorrow night’s second Presidential debate, the headlines in the MSM are likely already written : “Obama’s Big Comeback!” or something like that.  Obama’s first debate performance was so awful based on expectations that anything is apt to be an improvement.  They’ll talk about how Obama connected with the people much better than Romney in the debate’s town hall format.  Even the debate moderator should give Romney a tough time– the moderator Candy Crowley once called Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan, “some sort of ticket death wish.”  No bias there!

On the other hand, Romney’s biggest asset is Obama’s dismal record.  Hopefully, a fair, calm and affable Romney can overcome Obama’s aggressive, deceptive approach tomorrow night.  People will watch the debate and make up their own minds.  The polls are shifting in Romney’s direction.  A good performance tomorrow night may reinforce his recent gains from being a debate bounce towards an actual voter shift.

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