It’s Getting Late in October… Get Ready for a Surprise!

by Ryan on October 20, 2012

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The October Surprise:  sudden game-changing event or charge which occurs so close to an election that the targeted candidate doesn’t have time to respond, and therefore changes the election’s dynamic within days of voting.  It’s a real d-bag move, no matter which side is doing it.

Today is October 20, seventeen days left until we decide America’s future at the polls.  Some recent Presidential Elections have had “surprises,” others did not:

  • 2008 and 2004 did not have any surprises of consequence.
  • 2000 had Algore’s campaign inflating a DUI charge from 1976 on Dubya a week before Election Day.  That is an October Surprise!
  • Kissinger’s classic “peace is at hand” in Vietnam press conference in late October 1972 was so disruptive that it actually made popular the phrase!

So, do you think that Team Obama has a few things up their sleeve after Monday Night’s final Presidential debate?  You can almost guarantee it!

The latest buzz is that Gloria Allred is ready to pounce on someone in the final weeks of the campaign.  Allred (whose name gives you an indication of her political leanings) seems to always wade in just in time to foment maximum political damage on her target.  If she’s going to wade in, her dirt will almost certainly be against Romney or someone close to him (she has supported Obama 1000% in the past).  Remember the nonsense about Herman Cain a year ago just as Cain was surging in the polls?  What happened to the accusations once Cain dropped out?  Crickets.  D-bag move.

Unless Romney ate puppies (ahem), then very little will change my mind. However, such Alinsky-style agitation is right up the Obama Chicago machine’s alley.

UPDATE:  Breitbart’s site has more details seriously hinting that Allred’s charge is against Romney’s counseling of women NOT to have abortions during the time he was pastor of his church, um, 30 years ago.  Alternet and Breitbart had already dealt with this story in the past, so there may be something else Allred is looking at, maybe not.

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Dawn October 20, 2012 at 5:36 pm

Gop always have to add something mean spirited to their conversation. Christians by foot. Go to hell, Obama 2012


Mike October 22, 2012 at 4:55 pm

I love it when liberals prove themselves wrong. If anyone ever want to know where the mean-spirited dwell, check out Gateway Pundit’s coverage of the left.


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