Dueling “Surprises” Fall Flat

by Ryan on October 25, 2012

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Obama shill and liberal hack Gloria Allred has done her best to dig up dirt on Mitt Romney in the run-up to November 6.

Unfortunately for her a few things got in the way:  1) Mitt Romney’s squeaky clean, and 2) the apparent dirt is an 18-year-old charge which first appeared in Mitt’s 1994 run against Ted (hiccup) Kennedy!  Allred alleges that speaking in Staples founder Tom Stemberg’s divorce hearing, Romney may have undervalued the worth of Staples stock apparently to get at his friend’s ex-wife.  So, Romney colludes with a business owner to knock down a poor woman who wants nothing more than her free speech rights!  Wake me up on the 7th.

Romney supporter Donald Trump released a “major announcement” to dull any potential Allred allegation.  Trump wants Obama to release his college and passport records and applications.  If Obama does, Trump will donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice.  I hope the Don’s not holding his breath!  Obama’s not going to take this seriously because 1) it’s Trump making the deal, and 2) some of those applications will likely say Obama’s from Kenya.  He is not from Kenya, but did he once claim so?  I think he did.

But who cares!

Neither of these “surprises” contribute positively to the choice America has facing them.  We don’t need proof Obama was a fraud — Obama has a dismal record he can’t run from.  Also, nothing released by a judge regarding sealed court records about a divorce proceeding from decades ago will amount to any game-changing revelation against Romney either.

I think these stunts are just that — stunts with no purpose other than to distract and aggrandize those making the allegations.

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