George Will on the Perils of Our Entitlement Culture

by Ryan on October 29, 2012

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Occasionally, staunch Republican establishment-types like George Will get it right.  In his latest OpEd, Will makes the case that our entitlement culture is out of control because it is essentially “mugging” our descendants to pay for the debts we compile now.  In fact, he blames both parties, particularly those Republican administrations after the Great Society for doubling down on the doling out of goodies (with Reagan being the notable exception).  However, Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan sends a message that perhaps this potential GOP President may tack more towards Reagan than Dubya when it comes to dealing with our entitlement culture.

Is it too late, though?  Are the takers too happy lounging on our cozy entitlement hammock?  I’ve believed for some time now that this is a moot point unless big changes are made soon.  One day there simply won’t be enough money (or people to buy our debt) to pay for all the goodies the government has promised. We’ll likely head towards Greece faster and more treacherously than we can foresee (think Soviet Union c. 1991).  Then, all bets are off as those who’ve been promised the government goodies wake up to the reality that they will never get them.

I don’t want to see that kind of upheaval, but that is our trajectory unless massive cultural and political changes occur.  But could those changes occur without a massive crisis to catalyze real public and political action?  And would our politicians purposefully drive us to that crisis in order to position themselves as the solution?  Disturbing thought.  Nonetheless, it’s nice to read an establishment guy like Will coming around to this concept and its perils.

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