My Sandy Experience

by Ryan on November 4, 2012

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Well, Hurricane Sandy was one to remember.  The rains came by Monday afternoon at about 4pm.  By 5:30pm the lights were flickering a bit, but my area has underground power lines and I’m a few blocks from a major hospital, so I wasn’t too worried.  By 7:45pm, the lights went off and didn’t come back on until Thursday.   I still don’t have cable or Internet, but I have heat — and that’s pretty awesome (I’m writing using a friend’s Wi-Fi).

I was a lucky one:

I have gas heat so I was able to use my stove top throughout the power outage, plus the pilot on the water heater kept the water warm.  Aside from that, I can say that living in the 19th Century sucks and I don’t recommend it.

I had a full tank of gas (which is at about 1/2 now), so I don’t have an issue with the gas lines, though they are prominent on all the main roads.  I also live about 20 minutes from the Jersey Shore, so the devastation didn’t quite reach epic proportions in my area.  I got hit by the eye wall and seriously intense winds.  The tree above was a block away and was by no means the only tree damage in the area.

I still have friends and colleagues who still don’t have power and I’ve only just now seen pictures of the Jersey Shore, Staten Island, Hoboken, and parts of NYC.  Wow.  Like I said, I was a lucky one.  Thoughts and prayers to all of them.

Hopefully, my Internet will be back in time to blog for the election — it’s been murder not being able to comment on such an important election one week before it happens.  If I don’t get on by Tuesday, I’m hoping Romney wins and I really think he can do it.

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