It’s almost go-time America!  Tomorrow, there’s a major fork in the road staring at us all.  Neither direction fully solves our problems, but one leads us to the abyss a lot faster.  A President Romney will try to take on the big issues and maybe get us pushed in the right direction.  A re-elected President Obama freed from incumbency has no incentive to work to solve the problems of our day and the subsequent drift will be perilous.  The minute Obama wins the MSM (and surely some Democrats) will no longer be obliged to cover for a lame duck second-term failure who already has a whiff of scandal.  In short, a discernible measure of political chaos awaits the USA by next summer with an Obama win tomorrow.

Also, if Obama wins tomorrow these issues won’t go away:  $16.2 trillion debt (and growing), Sandy, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, the Fiscal Cliff, Taxmageddon, ruling by executive fiat which will continue to damage our constitutional republic, etc.

If Romney wins tomorrow:

  • We’ll have someone in office who knows how the economy works, has the political incentive to fix it, and seems to respect the Constitution.
  • All 50 states will be able to waive Obamacare, setting it on the path to doom.
  • Benghazi and F&F will finally get dealt with, but the country will move on.
  • The War on Women will end because, frankly, it never existed.
  • However, the homeless will return because the MSM only reports on the homeless when the GOP is in the White House… oh, and Hurricane Sandy will definitely be blamed on Romney.  Wait!  Already happened.

So, how do I actually see this going tomorrow?

America has a choice.  Tomorrow’s vote may reflect our culture’s tendency to keep kicking the can down the road until there are no choices left.  In that case, in a worst case scenario Obama will be reelected probably 303 to 235 with a very tight popular vote margin — in essence the worst re-election numbers since 1916.  If the energy of 2010 and the turnout of 2004 occurs, then Romney will win as follows:

2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map

(working on finding a real, working embed map like the ones that were everywhere in 2008)

The truly up-in-the-air swing states that I have breaking for Romney are Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  Of those Romney only needs Ohio and Virginia, plus a combination of any other two listed to crack 270.  There will be surprises, but I’m putting my faith in the American people to see this through even if Obama still has the inside track.

I’d like to think that the American people are logical, that our elections can be explained logically:

  • 2004 had an incumbent running with a good economy in an unstable time of war = logical Bush win.
  • 2008 had the prospect for the first black President, Bush-fatigue, and weak GOP turnout = logical Obama win.
  • 2012 has an incumbent with the worst jobs record since the 1930s, who is flailing on foreign policy, who has offered no real direction for his second term, whose opponent is a viable alternative, who has witnessed the largest grassroots movement since the Civil Rights era, the Tea Party, rising to oppose his very policies fomenting a truly historic repudiation of the President’s party in the Congressional midterm elections.

In sum, it seems logical to me that America will vote to replace Obama.

Let’s hope:  PV:  Romney 50 to Obama 48; EV:  Romney 295 to Obama 243

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