Obama Redux

by Ryan on November 7, 2012

in Election 2012

At about 11:14pm last evening, Fox News called Ohio for Obama.  Only being a matter of time before the gig was up and Obama’s reelection was official, I subsequently went to bed with a splitting headache and a deep sense of foreboding about the direction the American people are choosing to go.  I’ve spent the last few hours reflecting about how and why this happened, given that I believe the American voter votes en masse for reasons which make logical political sense.

First, the outcome.

Although the votes are still being tallied as of this moment:  PV–Obama 50.3 to Romney 48.1; EV–Obama 303 to Romney 206 with Florida (29) still to be decided, but not able to impact the outcome.  No President since we’ve been taking records has ever been reelected with a lower popular vote total in American history, until last night (I do not count FDR’s 3rd and 4th elections in that claim since those elections were completely unprecedented and today are unconstitutional).

The Senate ended up with the Dems net +2 with a +1 Independent from Maine, making the total:  52 Democrat to 45 Republican with 3 Independents.  Those indomitable Massholes voted out Scott Brown and Virginia left George Allen on last night’s ash heap of Republican hopes.  However, Ted Cruz won which is pretty cool.

The House saw the Republicans retain control.  As of this moment, with a few races outstanding the total is:  233 Republican to 191 Democrat.  The outstanding races cannot impact control.  The conservative icon Allen West lost his seat in Florida.  Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann are back though.  The House remains the firewall.

Now, the fallout.

I was completely wrong about turnout and potential voting patterns.  National turnout was lower than 2008, Republican Party identification was at historic highs, plus Dem enthusiasm was down, and in the data there were silver linings.  Yet the GOP still got beaten up.  Just about all the swing states stayed with Obama, comfortably in some cases.  We expected a wave, but didn’t get it.

So, why did America vote decisively to remain divided?  Obama has no ringing mandate (though he’ll govern like it).  The Dems don’t have the House and the Senate only moved slightly.  Seriously major financial decisions still need to be made by this divided government which from both points of view got a clear indication that they should retrench and over the last two years have not demonstrated an ability to get along.

I’m confused.

My headache’s gone, but the heartache remains — electing Romney would have pushed us in the right direction; keeping things as they are is the worst possible scenario for solving our problems as a nation.  Yet, that is exactly what America chose to do decisively yesterday.  Maybe I’m missing the point.  Maybe the economy and the seemingly endless crises have numbed the American people.  Perhaps they voted on social issues:  war on women, Rich-Guy Romney, gay marriage, collective post-racial guilt rewarding the first black President for at least appearing to try. Perhaps they voted for a free lunch over opportunity — that at least is logical.

Who knows?  The next headache I’ll have will likely be from drinking.  Then, it’s back to work on getting America working again.

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