The Black Cloud

by Mike on November 7, 2012

in Election 2012,Politics

Well, Barack Obama has been re-elected.  Yes, with a two-point race nationally and tight margins in every one of the swing states we needed, the race was close.  Yes, there are some silver linings in the result.  But, Obama’s re-election is disaster for America.

Believe it or not, I’m not really that concerned about what Obama will try to do in a second term, though I’m not going to like it.  What’s most disturbing about last night’s result is that a majority of American voters gave their stamp of approval to what was done in the last four years.  In his first term, Obama passed a health care plan that gives the government so much regulatory power over our health care system that it will be a de facto government-run health care plan once implemented, established a new spending baseline that was about $1 trillion per year higher than the one he inherited (both TARP and the stimulus bill were supposed to be one-time only solutions to historic crises, but now serve as the baseline for future fiscal years), imposed crushing regulations on business, and refused to extend current tax rates on individuals and S-corps in higher income tax bracket, now certain to be a tax increase on those who create the majority of jobs in America.  Oh, and the Obamaphones aren’t going away any time soon.  The takers were rewarded, the makers made less, and the economy suffered as a result.  American voters gave that record a thumbs up last night.

And that is what disturbing.  The problem isn’t what Obama is going to do, the problem is what we have become.  In order to reverse that process, we need a candidate who believes in limited government, knows why he believes in limited government, and has the ability to explain to those who haven’t heard or been receptive to our party why limited government is beneficial to everyone.

Mitt Romney did a decent job of exposing Obama’s horrible record while portraying himself as a pragmatic problem solver.  But he wasn’t specific enough in terms of explaining HOW his five-point plan would turn this thing around.  That, coupled with Obama’s successful attempt to pin our economic woes on the Bush tax cuts and non-existent spending reductions when the actual cause of our economic situation was over-regulation of the housing market was enough to make the difference in a country where the media is corrupt and where a demographic shift in regard to Hispanic voters is such that there is a large segment of the population in which the party brand is damaged.

During off-year elections when the turnout is lower, the Republican Party is still in decent shape.  But this country is changing for the worse, and that is frightening.   In 2016, we’re going to need someone who is a true conservative, knows why, has the ability to educate low information voters, and has the appeal to reach the ears of constituencies we’re not reaching right now.  I think you know whom I’m talking about. More on that later.

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Sal November 7, 2012 at 2:03 pm

One of the big problems with Romney is that he wasn’t able to effectively go after Obama’s most unpopular decision – ObamaCare. Because of his signing of RomneyCare in Massachusetts, even the little that he did go after ObamaCare with rang hollow. Frankly I think this has a lot more to do with having a flawed candidate and not a good ground game than it does anything else. Face it, Obama’s political machine is formidable.


Mike November 7, 2012 at 4:16 pm

I agree that Romney couldn’t effectively attack Obamacare because of his own record in Massachusetts. The problem is that the law has been passed and it is not going to be repealed during the next term, which is when the benefits kick in. Now that people have “free stuff” at the doctor’s office, there going to be hooked like a drug addict on heroin.

It is also true that Obama had one of the worst economic records in modern history, two of the most unpopular legislative achievements in modern history, and chronic levels of unemployment. And he won anyway. That breaks every rule in American politics. The country is different.


Ryan November 7, 2012 at 5:42 pm

I agree gentlemen. With all due respect to Romney and his effort, next time let’s not nominate a flip-flopper from Massachusetts — that apparently doesn’t work for either party.


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