An Oracle in Athens

by Ryan on November 8, 2012

in Culture,Economy,Europe,Social Unrest

Yesterday, more of America’s impending entitlement state future played out on the streets of Athens as Greece’s parliament passed a new round of austerity measures:

The problem when you’re in so much debt is that your freedom as a nation is seriously diminished.  Shouts of “Fight!” and “They’re drinking our blood!” echoed in the streets as police tried to turn back the anti-austerity mob, but it’s much too late for that kind of hyperbole.  Greece must pass these measures or else they won’t get necessary international aid, plus they are staring bankruptcy right in the face.  They have no choices anymore and those dependent on the government goodies they were “promised” see their lives changing, their futures uncertain, and their child-like welfare state lifestyle go out the window — there cannot be a return to the good ol’ days.

An oracle indeed since two days ago America decisively chose to travel a path in the same direction.

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