Russia Wants John Kerry in the U.S. State Department

by Mike on November 8, 2012

in International Relations,Politics,Russia

Two days ago, we all hoped to be speculating who President-Elect Romney would select for his cabinet.  There would have been articles on blog posts discussing whether Rudy Guiliani would replace Eric Holder as Attorney General and how it would be nice if Steve Forbes would run Treasury instead of Tim Geithner.  There even would have been dreams of Sarah Palin for Secretary of Energy; that one wouldn’t have happened, but the speculation would have been fun.  Unfortunately, visions of conservative cabinet officials are no longer hanging in our heads, but a President’s second term will bring a reshuffle, and with it, speculation and wish lists.

Count Russia in.  With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepping down, Russian sources are saying they want John Kerry to serve as our Secretary of State, not Ambassador Susan Rice.  Now that Obama has the flexibility he promised Vladimir Putin during the summer, Russia’s wish may just come true.

To be fair, I think I would prefer Kerry to Susan Rice.  He is too dovish for my tastes, which will be important if some of our country’s more aggressive enemies start acting up.  But Obama won and he is entitled to a Cabinet that reflects his views.  The problem with Susan Rice is that she still has questions to answer about the Administration’s Lie to America About Benghazi Tour.  On this one, I wouldn’t mind Russia’s wish coming true.  (Though reading the blogosphere’s demand for Secretary of State John Bolton would have been fun).

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