Petraeus Resigns Over Affair

by Ryan on November 9, 2012

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Earlier today, CIA director General David Petraeus resigned his post because of an extra-marital affair with his biographer which was uncovered by the FBI.  Such a revelation becomes a national security threat since foreign nations or internal malcontents could use such information to blackmail the CIA chief.  The affair is unacceptable and deplorable behavior on the part of General Petraeus. He did the right thing by resigning.

For some reason, I’d always thought that Petraeus’ collusion with the Obama Administration would lead to no good.  Maybe I had hopes Petraeus would run for public office or do other great things with his life.  I used to raise Petraeus up to my students as a real stand-up guy who oversaw the biggest military turnaround in American history since Grant took over the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War when Petraeus led the Surge back in 2007 establishing a way for American troops to leave Iraq with honor four years later.  I won’t be raising him up this year.  Petraeus’ record and public service will forever be tainted by this salacious behavior.  So lamentably unnecessary.

Also, it’s funny that Petraeus resigns now, just a week before he would testify in front of Congress on his “misleading” statements on Benghazi back on September 14.  Suddenly the Obama Administration tells us that Petraeus can’t testify now because of this scandal.  Plus, I have a feeling anything Petraeus may say will be attacked by the administration as being vengeful or dishonest for having to resign.  Loathsome behavior on the administration’s part.  As usual, it ain’t the actual events which blow up a scandal — it’s the cover-up.  Benghazi never smelled right.  These developments only reinforce that notion.  Too bad General Petraeus had to be a self-inflicted casualty in all this.

Petraeus was stand-up guy turned dirt bag.  Not a great week for America when heroes fall and complete asses get (re)elected to office.

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rightonoz November 10, 2012 at 6:13 pm

Sorry, Ryan, Sounds too much like a conspiracy theory, Petraeus, was a career military man, then on the CIA, nothing to do with collusion, simply doing his job well.

While he made a mistake, he took it on the chin and resigned. I do think you’re being harsh on him. We all make mistakes in our lives, and he still has many achievements that justify his being used as an outstanding example of military genius, and yes, even moral judgement. One mistake, does not disqualify him, nor wipe out his previous good.

Not picking a fight, but remind you were prepared to support a GOP candidate who screwed around on his wife, abandoned her when she was ill, to my mind showing not just a mistake, but a total lack of morals. (and apart from that, he was/is a screw ball)


Ryan November 11, 2012 at 9:37 am

Hey Oz,
I hear what you’re saying. When it came to Newt, his marital issues were part of his baggage when the nation was first introduced to him. Plus, I’d never raise Newt up to my students as a role model and hero. It just seems like such a personal let-down for me to see Petraeus involved in an affair like this. Then again, even Martin Luther King Jr. cheated on his wife. That’s not an excuse, but it does go to your point about bouncing back from mistakes.

Unfortunately, it does look like Petraeus towed the Administration line on Benghazi, which we now know is full of falsehoods. Also, the timing of this resignation seems very suspicious to many, considering the FBI apparently knew about the affair months ago. Regardless, I think he’ll testify in front of Congress and do it honorably.


rightonoz November 12, 2012 at 8:40 pm

I’m certain he will do so honourably, and the world will have more clarity on the events in Benghazi.

I don’t know about you, however after serving an appropriate pennance, seems to me there might be the makings of a good conservative Commander in Chief?

We had one here recently, (General Cosgrove) however he declined to get into politics – to our loss.


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