Barone Blames Tea Party for Senate Losses

by Ryan on November 10, 2012

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Respected political guru Michael Barone blamed the Tea Party’s influence in the Republican Party for nominating too many “wackos, weirdos and witches” costing the Republicans an easy chance at winning the Senate last Tuesday.  This is the same Michael Barone who predicted a Romney win of nearly 100 Electoral Votes by the way.

The Establishment-types still don’t get it, and I’m losing hope they ever will.  That’s not to say that some new-blood Tea Party candidates don’t need a little refining or more thought in their approach, but think about it:  no Tea Party, no 2010, no Republican House, no Paul Ryan on the ticket — in short, no Tea Party, no Republican relevance in American politics today.  Diminishing the Tea Party’s influence means to wean any popular energy and excitement out of a competitive Republican Party.

Drive a deeper wedge and the Tea Party might split, leaving the Federalists Whigs Republicans doomed for a generation, if not doomed for good.  The Establishment needs to stop pandering to demographic interest groups like the Dems do.  There’s no way to out Santa Claus Santa Claus, and if we tried the left would still claim moral superiority.

The Republicans nominated a Massachusetts moderate with a record of flip-flopping.  Nearly 2.5 million Republican McCain voters stayed home last Tuesday.  The problem wasn’t conservatism, it was the GOP’s muddled message, a moderate candidate too many in the base weren’t happy with, as well as their half-hearted support of non-establishmentarian candidates.  The Establishment was embarrassed by Ronald Reagan and is embarrassed by the Tea Party.  I’m embarrassed by their stubborn weak-kneed Democrat-lite approach which yields nothing but more and more irrelevancy.

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