Maybe It Is Just a Flesh Wound, But It Must Be Treated

by Mike on November 14, 2012

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Intense brainstorming by the losing side is something that should, and usually does, take place immediately following an election.  Last week, I was unusually pessimistic about the election results because of what I thought they said about what we as a country were now willing to accept.  If you thought my take was depressing, you should read what the Anchoress thinks about where we are.

Although I am still deeply troubled by what the results say about us as a nation, I am now starting to sense at least a little bit of hope that all is not lost.  One reason for hope is the role that game plan execution played in last week’s defeat.  The Obama campaign may have revolutionized politics with the way it micro-targeted its cynical message to low-information voters right under the noses of the larger population that would have been turned off.  That, coupled with the Romney campaign’s pathetic ground game may have played a role in what was a close, albeit troubling election.  I’m still not as optimistic as Sal was a week ago, but I am encouraged by the fact that improved strategy might make the difference and that those who simply want free stuff aren’t yet the majority.

Back to my point about brainstorming, it’s a always a good idea to try and figure out why something went wrong.  Even if those who recognize what made America are great in the first place are still in the majority (I don’t know if we are), those who either want free stuff cost be damned or don’t understand how redistributionism harms everyone still hold too much sway.  Our side needs to reach those voters who do not closely  follow politics, but still have a strong work ethic or common sense.  Low information voters that tend to agree with the sentiments expressed by Democrats need to be challenged and educated as to why our ideas are right, because they are.  What we shouldn’t be saying is what some on our side (looking at you Bobby Jindal) have been saying in the last week:  advocating policies supported by the other side.  If conservatives have to act like liberals to win, then there is no point in winning and we are lost as a country anyway.

*I piggybacked off Ace of Spades for a lot of the content in this post, but I don’t apologize for it.  It’s a great site and they were on fire yesterday.

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