Catholic Civil Disobedience

by Sal on November 15, 2012

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Now that ObamaCare is going to be coming into effect, the Catholic Church has a tough decision to make in regards to their hospitals.  Because ObamaCare mandates that health plans contain contraceptive coverage and the Catholic Church considers contraception to be morally wrong, the Church is in a tough spot.  The Catholic Church represents 12.5% of all U.S. hospitals, and serves a larger than proportionate share of health care to low-income patients, but they (rightfully) refuse to compromise on their morals.  So the U.S. Bishops have decided to engage in civil disobedience and refuse to comply with the new contraceptive mandate.  In a statement released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, they declared:

It is a sobering thing to contemplate our government enacting an unjust law. An unjust law cannot be obeyed. In the face of an unjust law, an accommodation is not to be sought, especially by resorting to equivocal words and deceptive practices. If we face today the prospect of unjust laws, then Catholics in America, in solidarity with our fellow citizens, must have the courage not to obey them. No American desires this. No Catholic welcomes it. But if it should fall upon us, we must discharge it as a duty of citizenship and an obligation of faith.

This isn’t about contraception.  This is about the right of people in a pluralistic society to practice their religion free of governmental intervention.  The Catholic Church has a right to follow their conscience and not provide coverages to their employees that they find immoral or objectionable. People are free to work for who they choose, and if they don’t find the coverage to their own satisfaction, they can find an employer who will cover what they want.  The Catholic Church is being consistent and is doing the only thing they can do – engage in civil disobedience to preserve their religious liberty and to uphold their moral standards.

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William Reiner December 8, 2012 at 3:10 pm

The government is not God. Contrary to the provicion of the Health Care Mandate, Catholics must disobey the mandate and even to the point of jail. Our conscience is a priority over a government and administration thet includes pseudo-Catholics.
Is the next step an attempt to form a “state Church”.


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