On the Latest Violence Between Israel and Hamas

by Ryan on November 19, 2012

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I only have a few things to say about what has been happening the last six days between Israel and Hamas, and none of it favors Hamas.  My whole life I’ve seen the same story play out:  Israel gets hit one time too many and decides to retaliate as suddenly the international community gets apoplectic over Israel’s response as being disproportionate.  Hamas still puts it rocket launchers in civilian neighborhoods, using the subsequent civilian casualties as anti-Israeli propaganda whose impact the international press still propagates.

What’s worse this time around is the absence of Mubarak in Egypt as an arbiter of Palestinian restraint.  Ostensibly, members of the Muslim Brotherhood (the current ruling party in Egypt) assassinated Mubarak’s predecessor unabashedly in broad daylight.  They don’t have a long history of subtlety.  I have a feeling many young Egyptians probably think fighting Israel would be a cake-walk and are emboldened by the prospect of jihad.  At least that is the sense I get from Egyptian President Morsi’s current posturing in support of Hamas.

All this rests on whether or not Morsi is playing populist Mideast politics, or is serious about brinkmanship.

I’m not sure how this episode ends.  Morsi seems ready to galvanize his people, the military, and his new government behind aggression towards its historic foe, Israel, to help the poor Palestinians.  I am sure that Hamas and Morsi are using all the carnage, terror, and deaths of the last week for their propaganda purposes ultimately at the expense of the Palestinian people once again.  Following this train of thought, nothing will end up changing except an increased body count at the end of the day.

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