Morsi Declares Himself More Powers

by Ryan on November 23, 2012

in International Relations,Israel,Politics,Tyranny,War on Terror

Egyptian President Mubarak Morsi has declared that all the decisions that he’s made (and will make) until a new constitution is formed are not subject to appeal from any court or anywhere else for that matter.  Morsi has his own executive authority, has a toothless parliament, and is now bullying the courts.  This situation kind of has a dictatorial vibe, very much like the old Mubarak regime.

So, this is what “democracy” looks like, huh?

Out with the old dictator, in with the new — isn’t that the classic story of the corrupting influence of power?  Typically, revolutions end up installing leadership which must deal with the chaos of transition.  Often times those emergency powers the leaders use are not rescinded, but become part of the new regime, which at the end of day looks very similar to what the people rose up to overthrow.

I don’t anticipate Morsi being the type to ease up on his new powers.  Makes you wonder if by simply supporting Mubarak last year would have saved us and the Egyptian people a huge headache.

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