Primarying Saxby Chambliss? Not Yet and Not Him.

by Mike on November 28, 2012

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The 2014 election cycle already underway, some conservatives are already setting their sights on incumbents who may be going wobbly in the negotiations over the coming “fiscal cliff.”  The latest target appears to be Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.  And who is thinking about challenging Saxby?  Well, since everyone in the whole wide world is asking him to RedState’s Erick Erickson is considering throwing his hat into the ring.

With two election cycles in which conservatives have challenged incumbent and/or heavily favored establishment Republican Senate candidates under our belts, there is a debate raging over what circumstances justify tea party challenges.  In my view, a primary challenge is perfectly acceptable if both candidates are likely to win a general election if nominated.  The case of former Senator Robert Bennett and Senator Mike Lee comes to mind.  If the challenger is almost certain to lose, a primary challenge is acceptable if the incumbent is so far to the left that he is indistinguishable from a Democrat.  Lincoln Chafee comes to mind.  Then there is the case when the incumbent/favorite probably deserves competition, but the challenger is simply unacceptable.  Though I still disagree with this, many would point to the Mike Castle/Christine O’Donnell race as an example of the challenger being unacceptable.

I actually think this race would be a better example.  I’m not ready to take a position on whether Saxby deserves to be challenged, not until I read up a bit more on what he means by “compromising” on taxes.  But I think Erickson is not the right guy to challenge him.  He runs an amazing website and is clearly committed to promoting conservative ideals, but often grasps at straws when he’s ready to toss someone overboard and let’s face it, they guy’s ego can be a bit off putting.  I mean, Erick Erickson puts Erick Erickson tags on his posts about Erick Erickson.  You can see that once you click through the pop up ads with Erick Erickson’s face on them.  If he got elected, I don’t think his head would fit in the Senate chamber.

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