The Tea Party Purge Begins

by Ryan on December 4, 2012

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House Speaker John Boehner is overseeing the House Steering Committee’s removal of a number conservative Tea Party Republicans from their committee posts in what clearly can be called a “purge” of fiscal conservatives from those positions of power.  One Congressman, Justin Amash, voted 95% of the time with the leadership and still lost his position on the budget committee!  Must be a “discipline” problem.

That, or the Establishment, embarrassed by the growing libertarian wing of the GOP, is cleaning up the riff-raff in order to show good faith before sacrificing the party’s principles to Obama in the fiscal cliff talks.  Boehner’s ridiculous first offer was panned by conservatives and even rejected by Obama, who was glad to pile on the House Speaker.  Boehner is obviously no Newt Gingrich — remember that his last deal with Obama led to this fiscal cliff scenario in the first place!

Unfortunately, this is all typical for the old pale pastel GOP, happy in their minority status as song as someone pays some positive attention to them once in a while.  The fiscally conservative, libertarian-leaning Tea Party Republicans have a good mind to put Boehner in his place, taking a page from the Bush-era moderates to form a “gang” which would hold every vote hostage if a majority is to be had… or Boehner can treat them with proper respect, and try intimidating Obama rather than his own caucus.

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