“Star Trek: Into Darkness” Teaser Released

by Ryan on December 9, 2012

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As a long time fan of the Star Trek universe, I was really pleased that 2009′s reboot was a very rewatchable, solid movie.  The next film in the series, Star Trek: Into Darkness, is set for release next summer and shouldn’t disappoint.  Here’s the teaser trailer:

If you know the fanboy universe, you know that this has been watched thousands of times by some who can’t wait to dissect every second of it.  The main bad-guy is rumored to be Khan — a South Asian genetically modified vengeful super-human of the “1990s” who hates Kirk.  The reboot hasn’t allowed for this timeline, however comparisons to the original Khan storyline could help the film with the old school crowd as well as the uninitiated — the same way that the familiar Joker character helped the The Dark Knight.

As a long time fan, watching Star Trek every night at 7pm with my Dad back in the 1980s, I don’t want to see Khan, but I’ll deal.  I think the Into Darkness story might benefit by morphing various story lines, including hints from the original series’ “Where No Man Has Gone Before” episode’s Gary Mitchell with a terrorist twist.  Even Kirk’s main squeeze in the trailer resembles the woman in that episode!

Either way, I’m sure Into Darkness will entertain us, stay true to some of the old school material while giving us something new to digest.

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