It Wasn’t Michgan’s Right-to-Work Bill that Struck Steven Crowder

by Ryan on December 11, 2012

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We all love Steven Crowder’s sass and sarcasm, but reporting outside the Lansing, Michigan, union protest of a new right-to-work bill which passed the legislature today, this happened:

We hope Steven and everyone else in those tents are OK.

Quotes from top Michigan Democrat legislators threatening that “there will be blood, there will be consequences” before the vote was taken underscore the left’s complete disrespect of representative democracy.  The democratic process, having gone forward, passed a bill — lame duck session or not.  If they don’t like it, they should work within the system to get it repealed once enacted.  I suppose it’s easier just to punch someone.

With all the open violence, “marshals” selectively choosing who needs to go, and hundreds of area teachers calling in sick to likely join the rabble, the union left’s extremism is on full display.  To paraphrase Ann Coulter, the left still hasn’t fully appreciated the damage YouTube has done to their credibility.  The attack on Crowder is just one example of that.

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