Massacre in Newtown, Connecticut

by Ryan on December 14, 2012

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Twenty-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, Nancy, this morning before going to Sandy Hook Elementary School where she taught in Newtown, Connecticut.  Once Lanza entered the school sometime after 9:30am, he went on a murderous rampage, killing twenty children and six adults before turning the gun on himself.  This becomes the second-worst school shooting in American history, after the Virginia Tech Massacre a few years ago.

More details will come in time — something, perhaps, to help us make sense of this.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of this senseless crime.

However, it didn’t take long before cries went out to take guns away from people who didn’t commit this crime, even though the AP is reporting that Lanza apparently suffered from a “somewhat autistic” personality disorder and NBC reports that the guns legally belonged to his mother.

Sigh.  Can’t we bury the dead before we politicize a tragedy these days?  All the shameless and predictable attempts to rush the microphones in order to politicize these tragedies is maddening.  Lanza apparently had serious psychological problems, as did James Holmes in Colorado.  Aside from guns, the profile of these murderers often includes having a mental illness or clear social pathology.  So, after we take innocent people’s guns away, should we then institutionalize anyone with acute to severe mental disorders while we’re at it, just to make sure they can’t maybe commit mass-murder some day?  Sigh, again.

Our culture is sick.  I don’t have any answers on how to fix that, but it seems to me that the path to a cure can be only found in our homes.

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sarah December 15, 2012 at 5:44 pm

The questions that immediately come to my mind are: What kind of world do we live in? Where is the line between insanity and evil? It’s sad but we live in a society that contributes a great deal to this kind of evil. Murder,rape and numerous degenerate activities are presented as entertainment 365 days a week, along with video games that extoll mass murder so this is just the natural culmination of it. I’m watching this in tears and what immediately came to my mind was an article I read a few days ago on my native Vancouver which is often presented as one of the most liveable cities with the safest neighborhoods in the world but only now I realize that you are no longer truly protected anywhere especially when children are exposed to this kind of evil from their early childhood.


Ryan December 16, 2012 at 9:45 am

I agree that the presence and glorification of extreme violence in TV, movies and video games must have some kind of desensitizing effect on kids who grow up with so much of it — way more than I ever did. We didn’t have these kinds of school shootings before, say 1990. There was always the occasional psycho, but over the last 25 years it’s gotten ridiculous.
But to point the finger at our own behavior and our own entertainment is hard for many to want to cope with. It’s easier to blame guns, the other political party, the status of mental health care in our country, etc., because that’s someone else’s problem which we can easily write-off as “just another example of ________.”
That attitude is projected in so many ways — just take a pill, let’s not worry about tomorrow, do what you feel, who am I to say that what you’re doing is wrong, etc. Some of that is an embrace of liberty, but liberty requires good citizens too. Unfortunately, to paraphrase Mark Steyn, we’re living at a time when “better screwed than rude” is the dominant cultural attitude. Right now, our society is choosing screwed.


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