Tim Scott to Replace Jim DeMint

by Ryan on December 17, 2012

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South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley named conservative Congressman Tim Scott to replace the departing Jim DeMint in the Senate.  For those keeping track, Scott will be the seventh black senator in the history of the Senate and from South Carolina of all places!  Goes to show you how far things have come, if you care to keep track.  Perhaps it’s the pragmatic Xer in me, but I’m not really overly zazzed about ethnic or gender firsts, or sevenths for that matter — just results.

Tim Scott should be a reliable Tea Party conservative in a place (the Senate) which desperately needs a measured firebrand of common sense to knock ol’ McConnell into motion from time to time.  Finally, some good news on the national political front for the ever diminishing conservative wing of the GOP.

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