Ready or Not — Apocalypse Friday!

by Ryan on December 20, 2012

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So, the end of the ancient Mayan calender is finally here — December 21, 2012 (yes, I dignified the date with a Wikipedia link)!  Well, doomsday may go a little unnoticed as it strikes at approximately 6:12am EST (11:12 am GMT) when the Winter Solstice officially happens.  I’ll be up, but if your alarm startles you on time, you’re in the clear!

However, sensing the urgency of this impending doom, some intrepid New Yorkers are looking to reset the meter by hooking up tonight at various doomsday-themed parties — better read this first!

Perhaps this will all end tomorrow — by “this” I mean talking about it.  It’s all kind of stupid.  Fun in its own way, surely — great for marketing to susceptible rubes, and a distraction for the rest of us, but still kind of dumb:  so an ancient calender from a primitive and extinct civilization is prophesying that… um… something… will take place tomorrow when that calender happens to end.

If they were so smart why are they a defunct civilization?  Right.

Do you know what happens when our calender ends?  It starts over, just like the Mayan one will!

Plus, look at the picture above — the cross-eyed dude in the middle is even sticking his tongue out at us!  Just sayin’.

All kidding aside, my one hope is that there’s no violence (or in the case of NYC, any more STDs) resulting from some people’s real angst over this trifle.  Emptier pockets, bruised consciences, and hangovers should hopefully be the worst people experience.

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Rightonoz December 22, 2012 at 1:18 am

Wasn’t their calendar started from a different point to ours, and hasn’t some scholar suggested that our year zero should be some 30 odd years earlier?

Then again, even assuming year zero was right, what about the Russian orthodox calendar. As it is based on an earlier assumption of what constituted a year, how do we know the Mayan assumption equates to ours, or to any other?

All food or thought. I’ve too much work to get through between now and Dec 31, it can’t happen!


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