Harry Reid is Cliff Jumping

by Ryan on December 27, 2012

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While I’ve never been cliff diving from monstrous heights, I did jump off a bit of a cliff at Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, RI, as a freshly minted high school graduate back in the day:  you get the guts, take the jump, float for a long second or two before smacking the water to loud cheers.  It’s fun, but it hurts too.

Harry Reid also wants to jump off a “cliff” of sorts, but not the fun kind — wasting every day since the election, refusing to negotiate in good faith, he’s finally come to the conclusion that there’s not enough time to deal with the “fiscal cliff” which, by the way, was well-known to all of them since August 2011!  Weird how that works.

So, off we go into lucky ’13 — over the cliff.  I hope there’s merely a splash rather than a thud once we go over.

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