Hillary Hopsitalized with Blood Clot

by Ryan on December 30, 2012

in Politics,Stupid government,War on Terror

Hillary Clinton has been admitted to a hospital due to a blood clot which appeared after the concussion she sustained a few weeks back.  Jeez — some people will do anything not to testify on Benghazi — this being the third illness (flu, concussion, clot) which has delayed her from testifying!

I kid.  A blood clot is very serious, and whereas all of these malignancies could be for real, given the Obama Administration’s stone-walling on Benghazi, how could anyone take this stuff at face value?  Republicans are obviously not, even attempting to postpone John Kerry’s confirmation as the new Secretary of State until after Clinton testifies.

I hope Secretary Clinton fully recovers — I’d like to know what she knows about Benghazi.

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