The Tale of the Former Lesbian Couple, the Craigslist Sperm Donor, and the U.S. Regulatory State

by Mike on January 2, 2013

in Anything Else

This one has to be filed under “anything else.”  I don’t know if this story is a reflection of world as it is at the beginning of 2013 or just how the world reacts to crazy here at the beginning of 2013.  Either way, I’m sure you could call it the manifestation of several symptoms of the decline of western civilization.

Basically, a lesbian couple wanted to have a biological child.  Given the impossibility of a purely biological child, they put an ad on Craigslist looking for a sperm donor.  A guy somehow finds the ad on Craigslist and donates some sperm, one of the lesbians is inseminated, and the three sign an agreement under which the donor relinquishes his parental rights.  A few years go by and the couple has to go on welfare.  At that point, the state steps in and orders the donor to pay child support because when the couple inseminated themselves with the sperm donated by the guy on Craigslist,they used a doctor who wasn’t certified by the state.  Oh, and one of the lesbians is now dating a man.

So here we have lesbian couple that is no longer a couple and possibly no longer lesbian, a child out of wedlock, dependence on the state, solicitations on Craigslist for the donation of bodily fluids, the actual donation of bodily fluids via Craigslist, infringements on the freedom of contract as a result of technical requirements issued by the state, and a child caught in the middle.  Are we sure that Mayan thing didn’t really happen and we just didn’t notice?

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