Sessions’ Debt Ceiling Solution: Pass a Budget!

by Ryan on January 8, 2013

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In a startling move, Republican Senator Jeff Sessions suggested that the people ought to know how their trillions of dollars are being spent if we are to raise the nation’s credit card limit.  So, on the 1,350th day without a budget being passed by the Senate, Sessions suggested that Reid pass a budget, then talks will begin on the debt ceiling.

What’s interesting about this suggestion is that it has legitimacy and common sense on its side.  Nonetheless, after last month’s fiscal cliff debacle Democrats have the audacity to imply brinkmanship on the nation’s financial issues!  But then again, Libs are always upset about something.  This move puts them in a bit of a bind, though.

I can’t be certain, but it seems like the Republicans may use the next round of various financial crises to grow a backbone.  I stress the word “may” — recent evidence suggests otherwise.

I’m not optimistic:  since the Clinton impeachment seemed to backfire on the GOP in 1998, the GOP has been reluctant to embrace being the pro-constitution party and have often gone along with the Dems’s lawless drive towards the economic abyss, making mere token gestures here and there.  In my opinion, what’s there to lose?  No matter what happens, the press will spin things for the Dems.  Given that glaring reality, might as well just do the right thing — I think we’d be surprised how many sensible voters and taxpayers might appreciate that.

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