Secession Advocates Get Their Response From DC

by Ryan on January 13, 2013

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I hope that all those secession petitions sent to the White House are merely symbolic, and that the people involved don’t think seriously about it.  If so, they are just as bad as the statists who want to ignore the constitutional process for their own ends.  In a re-airing of a 150-year-old settled argument, the White House responded that:  no, there is no right to secede and that disagreement is part of the democratic process.  I wish Obama himself would pay closer attention to that part of the argument.

If you are a real secessionist out there, please read the Constitution.  In it there is this part called Article V.  It sets up the conditions under which the Constitution may be amended.  Here’s the text — give it a read.  It’s purposely a slow and deliberate process.  In an age of instant gratification, people are impatient.  Yes, the Obama Nation is tearing at our freedoms piece-by-piece, but please take a lesson from them — the progressive left has implemented their agenda slowly and deliberately for 100 years.  They are a determined group — so must the opposition be.

If you’re not a real secessionist and just generally upset at our ruling class driving us towards oblivion — good for you!  These secession petitions are symbolic, but in concert with all the recent gun sales, I’m sure it bugs the heck out of them on some level!

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