Republican Buzz — Adjusting the Electoral College

by Ryan on January 19, 2013

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While I am a defender of the Electoral College, there is no denying that most Americans don’t like the system.   However, alternative national popular vote schemes are unconstitutional on many levels.  Seizing on this, some Republican-dominated state legislatures and governors in blue states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, among others, want to alter the EC by ending the winner-take-all system and replacing it with allocation by Congressional district.  Maine and Nebraska already do this — one of Nebraska’s EV went to Obama in 2008, while the other four went to McCain, for example.

I think it’s an interesting political discussion (it’s only a trial balloon at this point).  Not only does this make the EC more “democratic,” it puts Democrats on the unpopular side of the issue:  they are already calling it “election-rigging,” “evil,” an “obscene scheme… to cheat,” manipulative, etc.  But, of course they would — it hurts their power base and will change national politics at the local level!  In Texas, this would hurt Republicans, but in California it would enfranchise that entire part of the state not touching the Pacific Ocean.  Unfortunately, that’s why it’ll likely not happen in those two states without a Constitutional amendment.

Nonetheless, one can’t deny that pegging EV to Congressional district would change the public’s perception that their vote doesn’t count, and at least at the present time hurt Democrat’s Presidential electoral strategy moving forward.

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