The Obama Nation, Take 2

by Ryan on January 20, 2013

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Today around noon President Obama will be sworn in for a second term as our President, while Joe Biden already took his oath this morning.  Tomorrow, the big party takes place — constitutionally, the official swearing in must take place on January 20, but given that today is Sunday the public ceremony has been moved to tomorrow.

Facing Dear Leader is a number of foreign policy issues in Mali, Algeria, that pesky Benghazi situation, and whatever new or lingering brush fire we’re not focusing on.

At home, the President will continue the national head-fake on gun control, while our real problem–the financial mess–will wait for its next crisis to manifest.  Bill O’Reilly had a great “Talking Points” memo the other day focusing on a little reported reality-check from the non-partisan Government Accountability Office about our fiscal path:


Here’s a December GAO report to back up his claim.

What bothers me is 1) obviously, that we reelected Obama, but 2) our real problems will undoubtedly continue to accumulate for another four years before sober and serious people have a chance to truly deal with them.  By 2016, I anticipate that we’ll be a more divisive country, deeper in debt, with less religious freedom, less economic freedom, less personal freedom at home while we fumble across the world as al Qaeda regroups, all the while being overseen by scheming Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans.

For the 51.1% of Obamaphile voters and the 42% of eligible voters who stayed home, this the government you voted for or acquiesced to;  the one you chose in our transparent democracy, and the one the rest of us must accept and endure.

Good luck to us all.

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