Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

by Ryan on January 21, 2013

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President Obama gave his second inaugural address today — I only saw the last ten minutes of it.  Due to all the missed school days from Superstorm Sandy, I had work today.

Ten minutes was enough.  Soaring, airy rhetoric, to be sure.  Delivered well, but the same ol’ horse manure.  In the mere ten minutes I watched, I heard the utopianism of LBJ, the statist progressivism of Wilson, and the interventionist democracy agenda of Dubya, mixed in with a little sprinkling of the duplicity of Alinsky and classism of Marx.  Obama certainly went all out.  I eventually did read the whole transcript, which was a lot less stressful than I imagine watching it would have been!

The Blaze today compiled a “Top 5 Reactions to Obama’s Second Inaugural Address,” which was instructive, especially Krauthammer’s take.  I’ve always felt that Obama is the anti-Reagan and Obama’s speech today sadly reinforced that.

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