Feinstein’s War on Guns Continues

by Ryan on January 24, 2013

in Culture,Law,Media Bias,Politics

Today, California Senator Diane Feinstein re-introduced a plan to expand the current list of banned guns in the US, opening the Democrat’s latest salvo in their War on Guns.  If this bill would put in place a policy that could have prevented Newtown short of a complete ban or confiscation of all guns, then I’d be more open-minded.  But, it doesn’t.  Just feel-good progressive “We Did Something”-ism.

Also, while I believe this proposed gun control bill will not go anywhere, I agree with those who feel that its real purpose may be to keep the steady stream of Republican-bashing in the MSM before re-engaging in the class warfare bilge during the inevitable latest fiscal-calamity-du jour, which the Republicans keep dragging out for some reason.  At least Boehner may be catching on to that part.

For now, the Dems are grabbing for your guns again.

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