Stymieing Immigration Reform

by Ryan on January 29, 2013

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A conglomeration of eight Senators, including Marco Rubio amongst the usual suspects of Lindsey Grahamesty, John McCain, Chuck Schumer, came out yesterday with a possible road map for comprehensive immigration reform.  Not to be outmaneuvered, President Obama offered his enthusiasm, but also a caveat tor two which should make the fledgeling sprouts of consensus wither away quickly.

First of all, to echo Mark Levin, President Obama governs lawlessly — he enforces what he wants and ignores what he doesn’t.  So, if “borders first!” is the Republican mantra, once passed Obama will likely ignore that part, and quickly naturalize 11 million new Democrat voters.

Secondly, it is and has been a Republican fantasy to think that a few social issues will trump the power of the welfare state.  Remember 2012: you can’t out-Santa Claus Santa Claus.  The illegals know who Santa Claus is, and it ain’t the GOP.

Also, Obama doesn’t seem interested in really getting this done.  With the Senate’s new “Gang of Eight,” there’s some bipartisan consensus on some main ideas.  So why introduce gay marriage chain migration knowing that the issue will disrupt the vibes?  This doesn’t seem constructive, but keeps two issues in the news with the Republicans seemingly on the wrong side of them.  Once again, politics over policy.

Finally, whenever one hears the word “comprehensive” from the government, get ready for a crap sandwich.  Instead to a few targeted laws to do a few good things incrementally, “comprehensive” laws do a lot of things poorly.

Alas, we seem to be in for another round of kabuki-like political theater on immigration (this week, anyway) until the next crisis inevitably manifests itself.

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