Hagel Hearing Debacle

by Ryan on January 31, 2013

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In the spirit of full disclosure, we here at AOR have a history of not liking Chuck Hagel.  Mike even wrote this in September 2007:

As Chris Wallace once pointed out, the man’s [Hagel] worldview on national security was closer to John Kerry’s than to the mainstream of the Republican Party.

That was then.  In 2013, anti-Surge, anti-”Jewish lobby,” pro-Iran Chuck Hagel and John Kerry might be part of the same progressive-liberal statist regime under Barack Obama!  Mike was indeed prescient about pointing this one out.

However, Hagel’s confirmation hearing went horribly today.  Hagel has taken lots of votes and given plenty of interviews and statements — some statements on Israel and Iran came back to haunt him today.  Hagel seemed tired, out-of-touch, and completely on the wrong side of things from my point of view.  While a perfect fit for the Obama Nation, he’d make a terrible Secretary of Defense.

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