The Big Game: Blowout, Blackout, and Burnout

by Ryan on February 4, 2013

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Last night, I turned out to be wrong about the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII.  However, I was entertained — the halftime show was good, the commercials were OK (I liked “Montana Stain” and Paul Harvey, personally), and the post-blackout game was truly exciting to watch.

In terms of the spectacle, the game itself seemed to have three distinct phases:

  1. The Blowout:  when the Ravens were destroying the 49ers 28-6.  This game had the makings of a classic mid-to-late 1980s-style Super Bowl mauling.
  2. The Blackout:  when a combination of Beyonce’s show (maybe) and being the greenest Super Bowl in history (perhaps) may have led to the blackout which stopped the action on the field for over 30 minutes.
  3. The Burnout:  when the 49ers used up all of their mojo to comeback and win the game, only to fizzle on the goal line.

I was pleased that the game ended up competitive and fun — a final score of 34-31 seemed awfully remote as we headed for halftime!  I also liked how the refs didn’t become part of the game.  Players were being held all game and I appreciate that the refs didn’t throw the flag on Jimmy Smith’s hold of Michael Crabtree in the end zone — there’s no need to dignify a bad pass and a poorly run route with a penalty flag.  At the end of the day, the 49ers were out-played and out-coached when it really mattered.  The Ravens stepped up at the right time and are the Champions.

In sum, I was entertained.  Plus, as someone who loves defense, having two consecutive Super Bowls with a safety is pretty cool!

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