Mass Murderer Mess in California

by Ryan on February 10, 2013

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Former LAPD officer and California killing spree suspect Christopher Dorner has been on the lamb for going on five days now.  After killing three people and writing a “manifesto” accusing the LAPD of racism, the LAPD has decided to re-open the case of Dorner’s firing some five years ago.

Is the LAPD’s desire to deflate charges of racism more important than setting the precedent of giving public credibility to the rantings of a mass-murderer’s manifesto?

Looks like it.  It also seems like the LAPD is panicking and not in control of the situation unless this turns out to be an attempt to draw Dorner out.

What makes this whole ordeal even worse is that some in our celebrity-obsessed culture have actually expressed admiration for Dorner — Facebook pages have been set up supporting the perp which already has thousands of “likes!”  Heck, even Charlie Sheen has reached out to Dorner in an attempt to end this!

The online admiration phenomenon immediately reminded me a little bit of the new TV show The Following, where a mass-murderer gets an online following to commit murders on the villain’s behalf while the villain sits in jail taunting the police.  We’re obviously not near that point, but law enforcement in California does need to get this guy soon and the LAPD needs to stop appearing to cow-tow to this murderer’s desire to draw attention to his rantings.

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