Angelo Codevilla Takes on the Republican Establishment

by Ryan on February 23, 2013

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Mark read from an article by Angelo Codevilla during most of his first hour.  The article’s title,”As Country Club Republicans Link Up with the Democratic Ruling Class, Millions of Voters are Orphaned,” only hits the surface of the message Codevilla is trying to convey.  For those who don’t remember, Codevilla wrote the most mind-blowing article on the state of American politics I have ever read.  It was called “The Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution,” and should be required reading for anyone who wants to cut to the core motivations behind today’s politics.

In 2010, Codevilla tried to explain how the Tea Party more or less represents a growing segment of the American polity which doesn’t feel like its leaders represent them.  Everyone feels this disconnect between what Codevilla referred to as the “ruling class” Washington establishment and their minions, and the rest of us who he dons as the “country class.” But after TARP, the Stimulus, and Obamacare, a sense that our leaders had their own world and we have ours pushed citizens to sent many politicians to Washington who didn’t fit the ruling class’ pedigree.  As a result, a “bitterness” now clearly exists in American between the rulers and the ruled.

In his new article, Codevilla takes aim squarely at the Republican Establishment:

Republican leaders neither parry the insults nor vilify their Democratic counterparts in comparable terms because they do not want to beat the ruling class, but to join it in solving the nation’s problems.

Codevilla hits again from a different angle:

After the leadership’s electoral disaster of 2012 and its subsequent pathetic fecklessness the only vision of a possible future in Republican ranks – the only programmatic and organizational coherence –was among the Party’s dissident majority in the House and dissident minority in the Senate. By 2013 it was less meaningful to ask what the leadership would do with the dissidents than what the dissidents would do with the leadership. The answer seemed to be: increasingly to ignore it, to go one’s own way; more and more, to go along with conscience and with voters.

Add in a few appropriate references to the 1850s Whigs, and Codevilla strikes a deep chord every Republican needs to hear:  the party’s establishment is actively dooming the party itself;  people can not long stay unrepresented in a republic.

These are just a few of many thought-provoking lines in Codevilla’s scathing indictment of the Republican Establishment.  As a student (and teacher) of history, Codevilla never ceases to blow my mind, making solid connections in such an articulate way that it is always a pleasure to read and soak-in his articles, despite their portents of social instability and political upheaval.  Read it!

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