Oops, Illegals Released as Part of Sequester

by Ryan on February 27, 2013

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In order to scare Republicans into capitulating on yet another stand-off with the President, ICE decided to let certain illegal aliens out of jail “in order to stay within their budget” because of the impending sequester cuts.

My firm belief has always been that any politician in Washington or state house or city hall who cuts that jurisdiction’s security apparatus before anything else simply needs to go.  Find a new job because you suck at yours.  Few things are more frustrating than watching statists run to cut police and fire before any politically-motivated (but fiscally irresponsible) social program.

So, there was no other place that can be cut at DHS other than to release illegals?  Really?  And we’re to believe that none of this is pandering, nor is the Administration even involved?  Or what about this wild one on education?  Even Bob Woodward seems frustrated at this kind of inept leadership.

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