Woodward in the Crosshairs

by Ryan on February 28, 2013

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Mainstream Media icon Bob Woodward has officially fallen from grace mainly because of this exchange earlier this week:

How dare he criticize Dear Leader’s “certain kind of madness!”  What’s worse, Woodward had the audacity to publicly admit that he felt threatened by the Administration’s response to that exchange.

Sadly, the Obama Nation must now destroy Woodward, shameless, hurtful automatons that they are.  Who ever would have thought that Bob Woodward would be targeted like this!

Apparently, fealty to a long-time MSM icon, even one like Bob Woodward who was instrumental in taking down President Nixon as well as being the genesis of today’s “gotcha” media, has disappeared in the eyes of Obama’s minions within the MSM, evening going as far as to implement Alinsky rules #5 and #12 (ridicule, then isolate your enemy) on one of their old heroes.

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