Rift on Paul Filibuster Mirrors Rift in GOP

by Ryan on March 7, 2013

in Politics,Stupid government

After 13 hours of free airtime tearing apart the Administration’s vagueness on drone strikes within the US by Republican Senator Rand Paul, John McCain and Lindsey Graham shrugged off the whole endeavor as “ridiculous” this morning.  Paul was actually railing on the time it took the Administration to answer such a simple question, considering its mammoth implications — it should have been a no-brainer for even the Holder Justice Department!

However, McCain and Graham were probably a bit busy having dinner with Obama last night to have even heard Paul’s filibuster!

Paul fired back at McCain and Graham, reinforcing a more and more noticeable rift within the GOP, made plain by this episode — while one side rails against the Administration’s obstruction and clandestine approach to potentially killing Americans, the other wants to fit in with the Ruling Class by reaching out to Obama (who’s been cajoling, ridiculing and threatening them all year!) for a social call.  One side wants to engage and confront potential and real federal overreach and abuse, the other wants to accommodate it in the name of moderation.  The rift couldn’t be more obvious.

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