A Narrower “View” sans Hasselbeck

by Ryan on March 9, 2013

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ABC’s “The View” is firing Elisabeth Hasselbeck after nine years allegedly because market research indicates that she is too conservative for the show’s audience.  As it turns out, Joy Behar just quit the show recently, shaking things up pretty significantly.  I don’t necessarily doubt the bottom-line market research, but since Hasselbeck and I are both from Rhode Island, are the same age, and had mutual friends in high school, I’m going to defend her.

If your show is going to feature politicians, it’s going to get political — obviously.  Hasselbeck and Behar were ideologically distant, but that’s a good thing for a show which goes political from time to time.  By firing Hasselbeck, “The View” seems to reinforce that one view, the view, on set is a leftist one.  This doesn’t surprise anyone, but firing Hasselbeck under these circumstances makes that tilt plain to see and diminishes any substance which may come from interviews on that show.

On the other hand, perhaps the other ladies were jealous — Hasselbeck’s beauty and charm has not diminished the way it has for (ahem) the other hosts.

Sorry, had to get that dig in.

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