Feinstein Gun Ban DOA in Senate

by Mike on March 19, 2013

in Crime,Politics

Looks like Dianne Feinstein’s poorly-drafted legislation to ban certain types of guns (which the AP laughably calls “military-style weapons) is dead on arrival in the Senate.  According to Harry Reid, the piece of garbage can’t even get 40 votes in the Senate.

The fact that Feinstein’s effort failed should be applauded for the legislation’s unconstitutionality alone, but I’m also happy for a separate reason.  Ever since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, our media has been in overdrive trying to shape public opinion against the Second Amendment.  Everyone from the major networks, to Piers Morgan’s never ending “will somebody please look at me” routine, and even your friends on Facebook have portrayed the violence that criminals can unleash with guns while ignoring the violence a well-trained, responsible citizenry can stop with guns in an attempt to change the views of the American people.

Thankfully, they have failed on this issue.  Truth be told, after their successful propaganda campaign that was the 2012 election, I was afraid that maybe they wouldn’t.

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